I’m a marketing generalist with more than fifteen years of experience in entertainment and B2C and B2B businesses. I’ve written copy for blogs, articles, interviews, case studies, social, PPC and email campaigns, as well as created style guides and technical walkthroughs. I’ve been an editor and content manager for just as long, managing writers and photographers, and have planned and overseen marketing campaigns and content strategies. Talk to me about bikes, early-2000's indie rock and public transportation.



Be the Ultimate Host with Hornblower and UberEVENTS

Picture it: The party is winding down, the punchbowl is running dry, and the sounds of something low and slow are moving your guests toward the door- we suggest The Best of Sam Cooke. As lights come up and coats are gathered, you may start to relax…but your job as host isn’t quite done. While guests fish in pockets and bags for keys, a good host takes note of who may need a cab or car service. A great host doesn’t have to worry about that, though- because a great host thought ahead and used Uber.
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